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This is the output configuration page. Currently, the plugin is using it's builtin OSS driver.

Builtin OSS driver

In "Output Plugin" mode, you can select any of the existing output plugins instead. There are a set of compatiblity options, to make XMMS-crossfade work correctly with plugins like disk_writer.

Output Plugin

Crossfading can be configured in great detail. In the "Crossfade/Transition type" combo, you can still select other modes like "Simple Crossfade", which is the equivalent of v0.1.1 configuration options.


Configure the gapkiller. Normally, you shouldn't have to adjust these settings.

Gap Killer

Misc stuff, not very interesting.


My favourite gimmick, the Buffer Monitor. Here, you can see how much data is buffered by xmms-crossfade and what happens when a new song starts. It is particularly interesting to watch this when listening to a HTTP stream via the net.


The GUI has been created using the GLADE GTK+ User Interface Builder.
Made in GLADE.

© 2000-2007 Peter Eisenlohr