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A Crossfading/Gapless Plugin for XMMS. As of version 0.3.11, support for Audacious has been added.

XMMS-Crossfade can be used to remove the gaps between two songs, or to smoothly crossfade inbetween. More features.

Version 0.1 of XMMS-Crossfade was devised as a replacement plugin for the original OSS-plugin that comes with XMMS. It was talking directly to the OSS driver. Unfortunatelly, any other platforms (Solaris, AIX), that don't support OSS, would not work this way. As of version 0.2, it can use existing plugins for output. It acts as a kind of crossfading "proxy" between XMMS and the output plugin.

Have a look at some Screenshots of the configuration dialog and the buffer monitor.

Go to the download section to get the source or prebuild binaries.

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